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Framing Online Speech Governance as an Algorithmic Accountability Issue, 99 Ind. L.J. Supp. (forthcoming Dec. 2023) (SSRN)

The Subjects and Stages of AI Dataset Development: A Framework for Dataset Accountability (with Alex Hanna) 19 Ohio State Tech L.J__(2023) (SSRN)

AI Art and its Impact on Artists (Accepted at AIES 2023)
Harry Jiang, Timnit Gebru, Jessica Cheng, Lauren Brown, Mehtab Khan, Johnathan Flowers, Abhishek Gupta, Deja Workman and Alex Hanna. (ACM)

Online Harassment in Majority Contexts: Examining Harms and Remedies across Countries, Sarita Schoenebeck, Amna Batool, Giang Do, Sylvia Darling, Gabriel Grill, Daricia Wilkinson, Mehtab Khan, Kentaro Toyama, Louise Ashwell., CHI '23, (2023) (arxiv)


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